Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
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Discipline and daring are not mutually exclusive. The fact is creativity and analytical thinking coexist happily at Communica. From unconventional combinations of traditional and new media, to innovative ways to maximize marketing dollars, to jaw-dropping creative executions, everything we do has a sound strategic foundation.


Communica develops research protocols and conducts qualitative and quantitative research for a broad range of clients. Capabilities include web-based, phone-based and focus group testing, and analysis and presentation of findings. We believe in “asking the market what they want” rather than “telling the market what they need.” Subsequently, research is the bedrock of all of our strategic planning.

Communications Audit

Before beginning work with a new client, we recommend a complete communications audit. The audit can be as basic as a review of existing marketing communications materials or as comprehensive as a re-evaluation of the current brand position and identity.

Competitive Analysis

Communica conducts a thorough review of a client’s major competitors and provides a “snapshot” analysis of those competitors brand, media and messaging strategies. It is also possible for us to provide competitive media spending reports when requested.  

Success Criteria  

We partner with clients to identify the goals, key messages, audiences and measurement for success as part of the planning for every program.  

Marketing Communications Planning

Communica develops a strategic plan for each client’s major initiatives. This marketing communications plan includes timelines, media plan, tactics and budgets per channel or audience. Our goal is to provide a plan which optimizes our research, media, interactive and creative capabilities to ensure maximum return on a client’s marketing investment.

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