Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying
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There are myriad options for advertising today: consumer vs. trade; broadcast, out-of-home, print or digital; promoted social; global, national, regional or local. Communica has a far-reaching media department that will research, identify and recommend the specific vehicles to penetrate the market and drive your messages home. Our media management team brings more than 70 years of planning, buying and monitoring experience to craft the plan that matches your business goals in business-to-business or business-to-consumer communications.

We make it our business to truly, deeply understand our clients’ markets, and the media that will have the most impact on those markets. We work regularly with representatives of the major publishers in the U.S., as well as in critical markets around the world. We also work closely with representatives in consumer and digital media of all types to plan our media programs in select national and international markets. We have the tools that will assist us in selecting and negotiating the best possible placements, at the best possible cost.

The Planning

Before we begin any media program, we review our client’s marketing strategies and objectives, with the capabilities to develop a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape. From that input, we develop a customized, integrated media plan that outlines the company’s current environment, the media buy objectives to address the situation, the corresponding media strategies (and executions to meet those media objectives) and corresponding budgets.

The Programming

We buy millions of dollars of trade and consumer advertising annually, in media markets across the country. We leverage our total agency buying power with our client’s budget to negotiate and develop the most cost-efficient and cost-effective media plan, by:

  • Carefully monitoring media with regard to publication schedules and deadlines, advertising plans and editorial focus
  • Coordinating all related media placements for consistency and flow from one vehicle to the next
  • Handling all media representative correspondence, evaluate upcoming opportunities and provide consultation as well as new technology offerings. We can compare multiple mediums. Our clients can be confident that we have the same resources on these individual companies and often provide the services with higher quality and less expense
  • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with media representatives to assure that no opportunity is overlooked to either build awareness, develop thought leadership within an industry or produce lead generating results

The Analysis

This step separates those who merely spend money from those who invest it. It’s here that the buy is audited to ensure that the client has received what was ordered. We review and post invoices as they come in, and ensure that the buy was executed, delivering the points, GRPs, impressions or placements as promised. We leverage any discrepancy in placements back to our contacts, to assure the ROI and value of the media buy.

Our media buying process and expertise provide the confidence to our clients that their message will be delivered to the appropriate audiences, in the appropriate vehicles and at the appropriate time. This helps us to assure that our clients are getting the best value and media impact for their money.

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